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Gene Review

replicase  -  189 kDa replicase

Kyuri green mottle mosaic virus

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Disease relevance of replicase


High impact information on replicase


Biological context of replicase

  • The rescued phenotypes of the progeny viruses showed that the replicase and MP recovery mutant (ToMV-K(rase-mp)) induced severe symptoms on both systemic and necrotic plants similar to those induced by the virulent strain [1].
  • The amino acid sequences of the shorter and longer (read through) RNA replicase components, movement protein (MP) and coat protein (CP) were 58, 58 [9].
  • We have shown that virus-encoded replicase components of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)(130K/180K proteins) could complement a replication-defective mutant (LDR28) for viral replication in trans [Ogawa et al. Virology 185, 580-584 (1991)] [10].
  • The 1.4-kbp insertion in the replicase open reading frame (ORF) of the resistant plants was shown by DNA sequencing to be an IS10-like transposable element, which apparently inserted itself into the TMV sequence at nucleotide 2875 sometime during the propagation of this replicase ORF plasmid (pREP21) [11].
  • Inserts of selected cDNA clones were sequenced to obtain the nucleotide sequence of the 126 K replicase component [12].

Anatomical context of replicase

  • UR-hel, a chimeric virus obtained by replacement of the RNA helicase domain of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)-U1 replicase with that from the TMV-R strain, could replicate similarly to TMV-U1 in protoplasts but could not move from cell to cell (K. Hirashima and Y. Watanabe, J. Virol. 75:8831-8836, 2001) [4].
  • Selected B-cell epitopes were either inserted into the surface loop region of the TMV coat protein or fused to the C terminus using the leaky stop signal derived from the replicase protein reading frame [13].

Associations of replicase with chemical compounds

  • All genomes had a statistically significant bias for G at every third (or 3n) position, resulting in a preponderance of GNN codons and hence a high Val, Ala, Gly, Asp, Glu content, at least in the large (126/183 kDa) and amino-coterminal replicase protein genes [14].


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