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Gene Review

REC8  -  REC8 meiotic recombination protein

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Cohesin Rec8p, HR21spB, Meiotic recombination protein REC8 homolog, REC8L1, Rec8p, ...
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High impact information on REC8

  • We show here that Smc3p and a meiotic version of Scc1p called Rec8p are required for cohesion between sister chromatids, for formation of axial elements, for reciprocal recombination, and for preventing hyperresection of double-strand breaks during meiosis [1].
  • Sequence similarity and testis-specific expression indicate evolutionarily conserved functions of Rec8p in meiosis [2].
  • We show at the protein level that expression of rec8 is meiosis specific and that Rec8p localizes to approximately 100 foci per prophase nucleus [2].
  • High mRNA expression of mouse and human rec8 genes was found only in germ line cells, specifically in testes and, interestingly, in spermatids. hrec8 was also expressed at a low level in the thymus [2].
  • During meiosis I, SGO2 accumulates at centromeres during diplotene, and colocalizes differentially with the cohesin subunits RAD21 and REC8 at metaphase I centromeres [3].

Biological context of REC8


Anatomical context of REC8

  • In normal and atretic human fetal oocytes, from leptotene to diplotene stages, REC8 and STAG3 colocalize in fibers [6].


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