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Chemical Compound Review

Azindole     1H-benzoimidazole

Synonyms: Azaindole, Benzimidazol, BENZIMIDAZOLE, Benziminazole, Benzoimidazole, ...
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  • To demonstrate therapeutic efficacy in vivo, hamsters infected with A. ceylanicum were treated with three daily oral doses of purified Cry5B, the benzimidazole anthelminthic mebendazole, or buffer [27].
  • In this report, we describe an unusual example of a structural rearrangement near a buried artificial cavity in cytochrome c peroxidase that occurs on binding protonated benzimidazole [28].
  • Our clinical trial with albendazole, one of the benzimidazole carbamates, has included 26 cases of AE since September 1988, each of whom had undergone an operation [29].
  • The kinetically obtained pKa values of 6.94 +/- 0.02, 6.93 +/- 0.03, and 5.60 +/- 0.05 for imidazole, methylimidazole, and benzimidazole, respectively, match the values obtained by titrimetric pKa determination, indicating the requirement for an unprotonated nitrogen for binding to QC [30].
  • The usefulness of parbendazole and other benzimidazole carbamates as inhibitors of microtubule functions is discussed [31].

Gene context of BENZIMIDAZOLE


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of BENZIMIDAZOLE


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