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Tooth, Impacted

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Disease relevance of Tooth, Impacted

  • The analysis comprised seven common oral and dental anomalies: median diastema, hypodontia, impacted teeth, microdontia, dens invaginatus, upper lip frenulum and frenulum of the tongue [1].
  • The main reasons for taking radiographs (percentages) was to detect fractures (17.2), tumours (14.1), caries (12.5), impacted teeth (12.2), periodontal disease (11.3), and non-specific dental pain (10.4) [2].
  • "Fatigue on Rest", headache, vertigo and the feeling of loss of balance, blurred vision, nausea, tension and irritability, were found to be prevalent amongst patients who had locally asymptomatic, unerupted impacted teeth [3].
  • Immunohistochemical expression of Ki-67 as a proliferation marker and the apoptotic reactions were assessed by the TUNEL method for 32 cases of OKC (OKC with impacted tooth, n=16; OKC without impacted tooth, n=16) and 10 cases of dentigerous cyst (DC) [4].
  • Oral characteristics of ectodermal dysplasia (ED) include hypodontia or anodontia of the primary or permanent teeth, impacted teeth, malformed and widely spaced peg-like teeth, and underdeveloped alveolar ridges [5].

High impact information on Tooth, Impacted

  • A case report is presented in which a titanium implant was placed into a defect resulting from the extraction of an impacted tooth; the defect was filled with demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft particles without a membrane barrier [6].
  • Analgesic efficacy of amfenac, aspirin and placebo after extraction of impacted teeth [7].
  • A single-dose, double-blind, randomized, parallel trial was conducted to compare the analgesic efficacy of oral ibuprofen (I) 100, 200, or 400 mg, aspirin (ASA) 650 mg, and placebo in moderate to severe pain after extraction of impacted teeth [8].
  • The dental anomalies reported include peg-shaped or malformed teeth, hypodontia, delayed eruption, and impacted tooth [9].
  • Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia with bilateral impacted teeth at the coronoid process: a case rehabilitated with mini dental implants [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Tooth, Impacted


Anatomical context of Tooth, Impacted

  • This article presents a 15-year-old female with hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia who had surgical removal of bilaterally impacted teeth in the coronoid process and was rehabilitated with a dental implant-retained fixed prosthesis in the mandible and over-denture in the maxilla [10].

Gene context of Tooth, Impacted


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