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Chemical Compound Review

didanosine     9-[(2R,5S)-5- (hydroxymethyl)oxolan-2- yl]...

Synonyms: Didanosina, Didanosinum, Videx, ddIno, DIDEOXYINOSINE, ...
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  • Bone marrow toxicity of dideoxyinosine [23].
  • In patients treated with zidovudine plus didanosine at months 1, 3 and 6, the mean decrease in plasma HIV-1 RNA was 1.40, 1.25 and 1.12 log10 and in semen 1.10, 1.41 and 1.32 log10, respectively [24].
  • HIV-infected DRG cultures exposed to indinavir or didanosine showed significant neuronal atrophy, neurite retraction, and process loss, compared with controls [25].
  • METHODS: Predictors of achieving and maintaining pVL suppression were examined in a randomized trial of combinations of zidovudine, nevirapine and didanosine in patients with CD4+ T cell counts of between 200 and 600 x 10(6) cells/l who were naive to antiretroviral therapy and AIDS-free at enrolment [26].
  • CONCLUSIONS: This data supports the strategy that in cases of symptomatic hyperlactatemia or lactic acidosis in which the toxicity is associated with stavudine, didanosine or both, it is safe and efficacious to reintroduce NRTI that are less potent inhibitors of mitochondria [27].

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