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French Guiana

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Disease relevance of French Guiana


High impact information on French Guiana

  • In contrast, among 131 sera from blood donors born in French overseas territories (French Guiana, French West Indies, and Reunion) but living at the time of collection in continental France, 2 (1.5%) were found to possess anti-HTLV-I antibodies [5].
  • Analysis of the nucleotide sequences of 522 bp of the env gene and the compete LTR showed that all of the strains from French Guiana belonged to the cosmopolitan subtype A. The similarities were greater between Amerindian and Creole strains than between Amerindian and Noir-Marron strains or than between Creole and Noir-Marron strains [1].
  • When populations from different areas of French Guiana were compared, a clear geographical pattern of haplotype frequencies was identified along the Atlantic coast [6].
  • Here we present mitochondrial COI gene sequence data from C. scorpioides individuals from Panama, Trinidad, and French Guiana which demonstrate little or no intrapopulation variability but divergence ranging from 2.6 to 13.8% between geographic populations [7].
  • Epidemiological and entomological surveillance of the co-circulation of DEN-1, DEN-2 and DEN-4 viruses in French Guiana [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of French Guiana


Biological context of French Guiana


Associations of French Guiana with chemical compounds

  • Neurodevelopmental investigations among methylmercury-exposed children in French Guiana [11].
  • The sucrose negative epidemic strains isolated in French Guiana and Brazil have the same zymovar of the current American epidemic V. cholerae [12].
  • Humicolous buthoid scorpions: a new genus and species from French Guiana [13].
  • As part of a wildlife rescue during the filling of a lake created by a hydroelectric dam (Petit Saut, French Guiana), 10 wild kinkajous (Potos flavus) were immobilized with medetomidine and ketamine for clinical examination and collection of biological samples [14].
  • In French Guiana ten endemic KS and six AIDS-related KS specimens were subtyped; analysis grouped them predominantly into subgroups A, B and C. CONCLUSION: Classic KS in South America has a very similar clinical presentation but not the same as the classic KS variety described in the Mediterranean [15].

Gene context of French Guiana


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