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West Indies

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Disease relevance of West Indies


High impact information on West Indies

  • Here we report observations of BrO and SO2 abundances in the plume of the Soufrière Hills volcano (Montserrat) in May 2002 by ground-based multi-axis differential optical absorption spectroscopy [6].
  • A single-base-pair deletion in exon 7 of the human carbonic anhydrase II gene was found to be the molecular defect in a group of independently ascertained, clinically heterogeneous, Hispanic carbonic anhydrase II-deficient patients, all of whom had ancestors from the Caribbean islands [7].
  • Nineteen of the 30 infected patients were parenteral drug abusers, 10 were from Caribbean Islands and had no identified risk factor, and one was a homosexual male [8].
  • Freely foraging ARGIOPE: argentata (Araneae: Araneoidea), collected from 13 Caribbean islands, produced dragline silk that showed an inverse relationship between the amount of serine and glycine they contained [9].
  • Low relative prevalence of IDDM in French West Indies [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of West Indies


Biological context of West Indies


Associations of West Indies with chemical compounds

  • A new case of a defect in red cell pyrimidine 5'-nucleotide (P5N) activity was found in a large family from Guadeloupe in the West Indies [15].
  • Effects of irrigation on appearance and survival of infective larvae of goat gastro-intestinal nematodes in Guadeloupe (French West Indies) [16].
  • They have also colonized groups of Atlantic islands five times: a single invasion of the West Indies and three of the Canary islands, one of which then went on to invade the Cape Verde archipelago [17].
  • More than 400 faecal samples (from normal and malnourished children, and from mixed-age participants in a field survey of the Turks and Caicos Islands) were each mixed with 2-5 mg of sodium azide powder and stored in 2 or 4 ml autoanalyser cups at ambient tropical temperature [18].
  • The outcome is described of 48 entrants to a postgraduate degree course (DM) in Internal Medicine established at the University of the West Indies in 1974 [19].

Gene context of West Indies

  • RESULTS: We identified a homozygous 4-base-pair insertion in exon 5 of SPINK5, which introduces a premature termination codon and appears to be a common mutation among West Indies islanders [20].
  • In a new approach to these features, we sequenced the entire env gene of 65 HTLV-I isolates originating from Gabon, French Guiana, West Indies, and Iran, such isolates representing all major HTLVI phylums but the Australo-Melanesian one [21].
  • Allelic frequency variations at the MDH-1 locus within Schistosoma mansoni strains from Guadeloupe (French West Indies): ecological interpretation [22].
  • Two predominant types recognized by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) accounted for the majority of the GS-MRSA in different mainland hospitals, both differing from the predominant type observed in the French West Indies [23].
  • A series of 171 blacks from Trinidad, West Indies, was studied with respect to haemoglobin types, serum protein systems (Tf and Gc subtypes) and red cell enzyme types (AcPh, 6-PGD, AK, EsD, GLO and PGM1) [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of West Indies


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