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Disease relevance of Arabs


Psychiatry related information on Arabs

  • We also review previously reported 44 Arab/Bedouin patients with the same profile of hypoparathyroidism, short stature, seizures, mental retardation and microcephaly [6].
  • Comparisons of Bedouin adolescents to Palestinian adolescents from the West Bank and Gaza suggest that for older adolescents the impact of extreme social change on mental health adjustment generally parallels that of both chronic social conflict (West Bank) and that of violent war-like conditions (Gaza) [7].

High impact information on Arabs

  • The mutation, which is in full segregation in seven Bedouin families affected by the disorder, converts a negatively charged aspartic acid into a positively charged histidine, in a highly negatively charged domain, and is likely to exert its deleterious effect by disrupting Ca(2+) binding [8].
  • Early-onset and persistent hypocomplementemia in this Bedouin kindred prompted us to evaluate the CFH gene [9].
  • Nonsyndromic autosomal recessive deafness is linked to the DFNB1 locus in a large inbred Bedouin family from Israel [10].
  • Mutation screening of a novel gene (BBS2) with a wide pattern of tissue expression revealed homozygous mutations in two inbred pedigrees, including the large Bedouin kindred used to initially identify the BBS2 locus [11].
  • In this study, we we utilized a DNA pooling approach using DNA samples from a highly inbred Bedouin kindred to identify a new Bardet-Biedl syndrome locus on chromosome 15 [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Arabs


Biological context of Arabs


Associations of Arabs with chemical compounds


Gene context of Arabs

  • We investigated families with iACTHR (n = 4) and AS (n = 6) and a Bedouin family with ACTHR and a known defect of the TSH receptor [21].
  • In a set of nine Bedouin multiplex celiac disease families and one simplex, we genotyped DNA samples at HLA DQA1 and DQB1 [15].
  • The frequencies of predicted UMs (duplication of CYP2D6) were 17.8% (5/28) and 12.8% (6/47) in Ethiopian Jews and Sephardic Jews, respectively, which were higher than that of Yemenite Jews (5.6%, 2/36) and Bedouins (4.0%, 2/50) [22].
  • We have recently described a novel autosomal recessive disorder, lethal congenital contractural syndrome type 2 (LCCS2) (OMIM 607598), in a large Israeli Bedouin kindred [23].
  • We performed a genomewide linkage scan combined with homozygosity mapping, using genomic DNA from a large consanguineous Bedouin kindred that included 10 patients who received the diagnosis of HHRH [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Arabs


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