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Posterior Thalamic Nuclei

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  • 2. During behavioral acquisition, neurons in posterior nucleus of thalamus were the first to show response increments to CS+ onset [11].
  • In a previous study on brain metabolism during the chronic period of the pilocarpine model it was possible to observe that, among several brain structures, the lateral posterior thalamic nuclei (LP) showed a strikingly increased metabolism [12].

Gene context of Posterior Thalamic Nuclei

  • At 2 days of monoarthritis the mGluR1 mRNA expression was decreased mainly in the ventrobasal complex (VB) and in the posterior thalamic nuclei (Po) contralateral to the inflamed joint [13].
  • At birth both alpha-type and beta-type CGRP messenger RNA were present in the parabrachial nucleus, inferior olive and motor nuclei (except for abducens nucleus), and only alpha-type CGRP messenger RNA in some posterior thalamic nuclei [14].
  • Most other structures, which show detectable binding by P0, exhibit higher levels at postnatal ages, including the red, deep, ventral cochlear, trapezoid, superior olivary, vestibular, ventral tegmental, and ventral posterior thalamic nuclei as well as the glomerular layer of the olfactory bulb [15].
  • Connections of some auditory-responsive posterior thalamic nuclei putatively involved in activation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical axis in response to audiogenic stress in rats: an anterograde and retrograde tract tracing study combined with Fos expression [16].
  • It is concluded that the main source of NPY immunoreactive fibers is the posterior thalamic nucleus in the pretectal region, while the periventricular NPY immunopositive fibers may be of intrinsic origin [17].


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