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Microscopy, Energy-Filtering Transmission Electron

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  • Here we show, using electron spectroscopic imaging, that DNA-PKcs and Ku interact with multiple DNA molecules to form large protein-DNA complexes that converge at the base of multiple DNA loops [14].
  • Electron spectroscopic imaging showed that ERK site UBF mutants do not induce the characteristic DNA looping of the enhancesome and associate with no more than half of the enhancesomal DNA [15].
  • In support of this concept, electron spectroscopic imaging studies of the nitrogen and phosphorus distribution in the nucleolar granular component revealed regions that are very rich in protein and yet devoid of nucleic acid [16].
  • Electron spectroscopic imaging analysis of TFIIIA:DNA complexes indicate that TFIIIA binding involves compaction of the 5 S promoter into a precise three-dimensional hairpin-shaped structure [17].
  • It is also shown that, complementary methods (such as TEM and EFTEM) giving structural and chemical information on a larger scale must be applied to explain the good properties of the steel after prolonged aging [18].

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