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Chemical Compound Review

stiborate     trioxido-oxo-stiborane

Synonyms: Antimonate, AG-F-39031, CHEBI:30295, SbO4(3-), CTK1C3716, ...
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Disease relevance of trioxido-oxo-stiborane


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Biological context of trioxido-oxo-stiborane

  • However, antimonate deposits were localized in the condensed chromatin of the nucleus during random migration and associated to a large extent with the uncondensed nuclear chromatin during chemokinesis and chemotaxis [7].
  • The osmolality of a 1:10 dilution of stock meglumine antimonate increased by 45% over 8 days, suggesting hydrolysis to less complex species [8].
  • Separate resistances to arsenate and arsenite (antimonate) encoded by the arsenical resistance operon of R factor R773 [9].
  • The calcium identified in the melanin granules was then compared with the spatial distributions of calcium binding sites after the application of an antimonate precipitation method, which was used to localize loosely bound calcium [10].
  • To verify the causal relationship between myocardial calcium entry and ultrastructural alterations induced by loud noise, in the present study we coupled routine electron microscopy with cytochemistry specifically dedicated to visualize calcium accumulation (revealed as antimonate deposits) [11].

Anatomical context of trioxido-oxo-stiborane


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Gene context of trioxido-oxo-stiborane


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of trioxido-oxo-stiborane


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