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High impact information on Balaenoptera


Biological context of Balaenoptera


Anatomical context of Balaenoptera


Associations of Balaenoptera with chemical compounds

  • From sanddabs to blue whales: the pervasiveness of domoic acid [8].
  • A new method of in situ formalin fixation was used on 38 brains from minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) [9].
  • In Norway minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) are hunted using small fishing boats rigged with harpoon guns, which fire harpoons tipped with a grenade containing a charge of 30-g penthrite [10].
  • 7. Similarly, the metabolic potential (total O2 consumed during adult lifespan per g bodyweight) for a 2 g shrew or a 100000 kg blue whale is approximately 38 L O2 consumed or 8.5 mol ATP/g body mass per lifetime [11].
  • Ambergris, which is an internal secretion of the sperm blue whale, was extracted with 96% ethanol [12].

Gene context of Balaenoptera

  • No polymorphism was seen in DNA from the five minke whale samples, but Rsa I and Taq I restriction enzymes gave polymorphism in fin and sei whales whereas Hind III and Msp I restriction enzymes showed polymorphism in sei whales only [13].


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