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Gene context of Histiocytoma

  • In conclusion, the GH may be involved in the development of different kinds of cutaneous neoplasms, and the intracellular localization of GHR may imply a functional significance, at least in the histiocytomas [11].
  • The gene coding for the cellular tumor antigen p53 is rearranged and overexpressed in a rat histiocytoma, AK-5 [7].
  • Rings, dicentrics, and telomeric association in histiocytomas [12].
  • Immunoperoxidase investigations for desmin demonstrated positivity in the angio-leiomyoma, whereas the histiocytoma remained negative [13].
  • One infant with a solitary lesion on the forehead was diagnosed as solitary, congenital, indeterminate cell histiocytoma because the histiocytic cells were S-100 protein positive, but meticulous ultrastructural studies did not detect Birbeck granules [14].


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