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Delirium, Dementia, Amnestic, Cognitive Disorders

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  • These findings indicate that some agents used to improve cognitive function impairment in organic mental disorders may increase somatostatin and NPY content in the brain of rats [14].
  • Reduced levels of somatostatin and neuropeptide Y (NPY) have been demonstrated in the brain of patients with some organic mental disorders [14].
  • The results lead to two conclusions: first, Grant's postulation that sober alcoholics may manifest an intermediate duration organic mental disorder is supported; second, given the lack of ERP differences in the females, ERP measures should not be considered as being causally related to NP performance [15].
  • The "stat" group was referred more often for the management of behavior and suicide risk evaluation, and received more diagnoses of organic mental disorders than the other referrals [16].
  • The Face-Hand Test is a quick and simple neurological test which can be used to detect organic mental disorders [17].

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