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Bird Fancier's Lung

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Disease relevance of Bird Fancier's Lung


High impact information on Bird Fancier's Lung


Chemical compound and disease context of Bird Fancier's Lung

  • It is unknown to what extent pigeon-breeder's lung caused by nondomestic birds remains undetected and misdiagnosed as difficult or steroid-resistant asthma [7].
  • The present study has shown that: (1) All patients with bird fancier's lung (BFL) demonstrated either a restrictive pattern or a reduced diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (DLco), or both; one BFL patient showed deterioration in %VC and %DLco after avoidance of direct exposure [8].
  • Four patients with pigeon breeder's lung and positive lymphocyte transformation tests to pigeon antigen were given 250 mg hydrocortisone intravenously, after which the test was repeated at 6, 24, and 30 hr [9].

Anatomical context of Bird Fancier's Lung

  • Sera from all symptomatics with pigeon breeders' lung and many non-symptomatic pigeon breeders react specifically with the pigeon antigens and in particular pigeon intestinal secretions and isolated pigeon intestinal mucin and IgA [6].

Gene context of Bird Fancier's Lung


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bird Fancier's Lung

  • To assess its value as a screen for avian antibodies, indirect immunofluorescence against avian intestinal tissue has been to test sera from thirty-nine patients with documented bird-fancier's lung disease, thirty-eight asymptomatic bird-fanciers and 257 controls without known avian contact [11].


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