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Auditory Perception

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  • These results suggest that, in addition to their cognitive impairment, DAT patients have a specific deficiency of central auditory perception [17].
  • A neural spike count rule has been presented for both threshold and intensity discrimination under the assumption that auditory perception occurs via integration over a relatively long time period (Bruce et al., 1999) [18].
  • A convergent validity coefficient between the Slosson Auditory Perception Skills Screener and Test of Auditory Perceptual Skills-Revised Total Score was .59 (n=67, p<.05) [19].
  • The results emphasize the importance of combining intra- and postoperative measurements and suggest that late ERP components might be used as indicators of an increased risk of auditory perception [20].
  • The activation patterns observed by measuring regional cerebral blood flow CBF after intracarotid Xenon-133 injection are reviewed with emphasis on tests involving auditory perception and speech, and approach allowing to visualize Wernicke and Broca's areas and their contralateral homologues in vivo [21].


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