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Tissue Expansion

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Disease relevance of Tissue Expansion

  • The reconstructive surgeon should be alert to the possibility of this phenomenon occurring as a result of tissue expansion in the patient with severe osteoporosis, peripheral vascular disease, or chronic steroid use [1].
  • Application of capsaicin into the saline pretreated TMJ region led to dose-dependent edema development and reflex jaw muscle activity; however, only 1% capsaicin solution resulted in significant tissue expansion and muscle activity when compared with the vehicle control [2].

High impact information on Tissue Expansion


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Gene context of Tissue Expansion

  • Similar differences were found when patients were subgrouped by type of reconstruction (TRAM versus tissue expansion and implants), by laterality (unilateral versus bilateral), and by history of preoperative irradiation [13].
  • The failure rate after tissue expansion (21 percent) was significantly higher than those observed with the TRAM (3 percent) and latissimus (9 percent) flaps [14].
  • The effect of relaxin on tissue expansion [15].
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor expression in expanded tissue: a possible mechanism of angiogenesis in tissue expansion [16].
  • Tissue expansion is well-suited modification to overcome this limitation, but as applied to the midline forehead flap, it does not address the resulting vertical forehead scar [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tissue Expansion


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