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Hepatitis B Virus

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Disease relevance of Hepatitis B Virus

  • Three of them had consistently elevated levels of circulating Dane-particle markers, including Dane-particle-associated DNA polymerase activity, hepatitis B core antigen and Dane-particle-associated DNA [1].

High impact information on Hepatitis B Virus

  • Parenteral interferon administration at a dosage between 6.0 X 10(3) and 17 X 10(4) U per kilogram per day was associated with a rapid and reproducible fall in all Dane-particle markers in the three patients [1].
  • Association of e antigen with Dane particle DNA in sera from asymptomatic carriers of hepatitis B surface antigen [2].
  • During the 2-year follow-up period, HBsAg remained present in all patients, but the Dane particle markers HBeAg and DNA polymerase disappeared in two of 10 patients who had received interferon, and in 4 of 10 patients from the placebo group [3].
  • Despite marked reduction in serum IgG in steroid-treated patients, the decline in HBsAg titer and disappearance of Dane particle markers was the same in both treatment groups [4].
  • The cores of Dane particles (hepatitis B core antigen; HBCAg) were prepared by treating the Dane particle preparation with mercaptoethanol and Nonidet P-40 [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hepatitis B Virus


Gene context of Hepatitis B Virus

  • DNA was extracted from 26 of these sera and assayed for its ability to anneal to a [32P]-DNA probe that is a copy of Dane particle DNA [2].
  • Radioactive DNA was prepared in extensive (4 h) Dane particle DNA polymerase reactions [10].
  • In contrast, e antigen-negative patients had an average DNA polymerase activity of 40+/-6.9 cpm (P less than 0.1) and an average Dane particle count equal to 0.6% of the HBS Ag [11].
  • The HBeAg polypeptides (P15.5/16.5) derived from sera were physicochemically different from the two polypeptides with HBeAg activity (P19 and P45) liberated from Dane particle cores by the conventional method involving incubation with Nonidet P40 and 2-mercaptoethanol [12].
  • 109 biopsy samples from 35 HBAg serologically positive and 74 negative patients were examined by IFL for the presence of the surface and core antigenic determinants associated with the Dane particle [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hepatitis B Virus


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