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Dental Assistants

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Disease relevance of Dental Assistants


High impact information on Dental Assistants


Anatomical context of Dental Assistants

  • Following conditioning with dilute sulfuric acid which contained sodium sulfate (to be termed solution A) on one side of the mouth and etching with 37% phosphoric acid on the other, brackets were bonded on the maxillary and mandibular incisors of twenty dental nurse students [7].

Associations of Dental Assistants with chemical compounds


Gene context of Dental Assistants

  • Dental nurse registration with GDC [12].
  • The new dental practice act in Texas: some ramifications for the practitioner. Part 2 Art. 4551e-1. Duties of the dental assistant [13].
  • It appears that the gross fees and patient charges generated by the dental therapist in all four PDS practices fail to cover the cost of the salary of the dental therapist, dental nurse and associated overheads borne by the practice [14].
  • The conclusion of the present investigation is that therapeutic jaw exercises, managed by a dentist or a dental assistant, is a cost effective treatment with a prognosis comparable to a treatment with an interocclusal appliance and can thus be recommended as the first therapy of choice in patients with TMD of mainly muscular origin [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dental Assistants

  • This paper describes a dental humanitarian mission, sponsored by the US Army Dental Command (DENCOM), to Honduras in 2003 and how expanded function dental assistants can increase the provision of dental care [16].


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