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Patient Admission

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Disease relevance of Patient Admission

  • An evaluation of 602 patient admissions, 1,134 intermittent access devices, and 2,268 observed indwelling device days demonstrated more pain at the insertion site for CHL than NL; however, no differences in objective signs of phlebitis were noted [1].
  • Investigated clinical features included Glasgow Coma Scale score on admission, the mode and the extent of brain injury, time to patient admission to hospital, and the presence of an intracranially retained foreign body [2].

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Gene context of Patient Admission

  • MRSA bacteraemias were first seen in the hospital 1 year after opening when the isolation rate of MRSA from all sites had risen to about 1% of patient admissions [14].
  • The number of admissions in that year for patients without a CD200 or AIDS diagnosis was however low (0.5 and 0.75 admissions/patient/year) compared to patients with an AIDS or CD200 diagnosis (2.6 and 1.6 admissions/patient/year) [15].
  • The present report looks at the nature, management and outcome of episodes of noncompliance with antiepileptic medication in 42 patients attending a tertiary referral epilepsy clinic with noncompliance being ascertained by patient admission [16].
  • For the period March to November 1998 inclusive, a prospective survey was conducted of all patients who sustained injuries with a cutlass or machete and were admitted to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Of the 77 patient admissions, 81% (62/77) were male [17].


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