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External Fixators

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Disease relevance of External Fixators

  • Fifteen pediatric femoral fractures in 14 patients were treated with external fixation using the EBI Orthofix unilateral external fixator [1].
  • Repair was staged by firstly removing all implants, secondly treating the osteomyelitis with appropriate antibiotics while spanning the cortical-deficient fracture site with a Kirschner external fixator, and finally rigid fixation of the fracture with incorporation of an ethylene oxide-sterilised intercalary cortical allo-implant [2].
  • The Colles Fracture Plate (Biomet, Inc, Warsaw, Indiana) can be used to treat any comminuted Colles fracture for which an external fixator is considered proper management [3].
  • We carried out a clinical study to verify the potential of this protein in fresh tibial closed fractures, using OP-1 associated with osteosynthesis by means of a monolateral external fixator [4].

High impact information on External Fixators

  • METHODS: Forty consecutive elderly female patients who had a pertrochanteric fracture were randomized to be treated with either fixation with a 135 degrees four-hole sliding hip screw (Group A) or an external fixation device with hydroxyapatite-coated pins (Group B) [5].
  • Control subjects, who had not received a Norian SRS injection, underwent closed reduction and application of a cast or external fixator for six to eight weeks [6].
  • We systemically administered alendronate to rats fitted with external fixators [7].
  • RESULTS: The Ilizarov with carbon fiber rings, Richards Hex-Fix, and Large Synthes External Fixator had <1 kg of magnetic attraction at all three locations [8].
  • RESULTS: The administration of TGF-beta1 did not alter callus size, mechanical properties, or the distribution of tissues in the callus of fractures that were stabilized in locked external fixators [9].

Anatomical context of External Fixators

  • METHODS: Mice tail discs between the ninth and 10th caudal vertebrae were compressed in vivo for 7 days with static axial loads using external fixators [10].

Associations of External Fixators with chemical compounds


Gene context of External Fixators

  • Mechanical performance of external fixators with wires for the treatment of bone fractures--Part II: Wire tension and slippage [16].
  • Four calcanei, which were massively destroyed as a result of blasting injuries from land mines, and 18 severely comminuted calcaneal fractures with bony defects (in one patient, both feet), also from land mines, were treated using a circular external fixator for reconstruction by osteogenic distraction [17].
  • Examples of such implants include the DCS/DHS implant system, the self-tapping screw, the cannulated screw, and the pinless external fixator [18].
  • The method is demonstrated with the Orthofix DAF unilateral external fixator, for which a mathematical stiffness matrix is defined using experimental measurements in six degrees of freedom [19].
  • Static and fatigue tests of the standard Orthofix unilateral external fixator (Orthofix SRL, Verona, Italy) were performed [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of External Fixators


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