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Salubrious effect of low molecular weight heparin on atherogenic diet-induced cardiac, hepatic and renal lipid peroxidation and collapse of antioxidant defences.

The present work showcases the distressing picture of oxidative stress in the cardiac, hepatic and renal tissues, in an experimental model based on early phase atherogenesis. The protection rendered by LMWH intervention forms part of the same study. Male Wistar rats of 140 +/- 10 g were categorized as four groups. One group served as untreated control and another as LMWH drug control group. Two groups were fed a hypercholesterolemic atherogenic diet (rat chow supplemented with 4% cholesterol, 1% cholic acid and 0.5% thiouracil; CCT diet) for 2 weeks; one of these groups received LMWH treatment of 300 microg/day/rat for 7 days. The biochemical index of tissue lipid peroxidation (LPO) was assessed in terms of MDA formation. Heart, liver and kidney tissues of CCT-diet fed rats showed significantly elevated levels of LPO. In the early phase atherosclerotic group, we observed abnormal changes in the activities/levels of tissue enzymic (superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase) and non-enzymic (reduced glutathione, ascorbate and alpha-tocopherol) antioxidants. We report normalized LPO levels and antioxidant defences in the atherogenic rats treated with LMWH. Thus the present study highlights the hepatic, cardiac and renal oxidative changes induced by experimental atherogenesis, and the protection rendered by LMWH treatment in atherosclerotic cardiovascular conditions.[1]


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