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Chemical Compound Review

Thiouracil     2-sulfanylidene-1H-pyrimidin- 4-one

Synonyms: Deracil, Nobilen, Tiouracyl, Antagothyroid, Antagothyroil, ...
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Disease relevance of Thiouracil


Psychiatry related information on Thiouracil

  • Detection threshold for the taste of PROP (6-n-propyl thiouracil) in aqueous solution was determined in 173 French Caucasian women deprived of retronasal olfaction by blowing an air stream into the nostrils [6].
  • The thiouracil-treated rats displayed reduced fearfulness in lever-touching and lever-pressing tasks in operant conditioning chambers and in their initial adaptation to activity-wheel and maze apparatuses [7].

High impact information on Thiouracil

  • Feeding of the goitrogen, thiouracil, which stimulates secretion of thyroid-stimulating hormone, resulted in the appearance of some very narrow and some very wide, tight junctions or sometimes junctions with both wide and narrow regions within the same cell [8].
  • The addition of ET-1 and ET-2 at 1-50 nM concentrations caused human melanocytes to significantly stimulate DNA [( 3H]thymidine incorporation) and melanin synthesis (3H2O release and [14C] thiouracil incorporation) [9].
  • After goiter formation was induced by thiouracil and a low iodine diet, there was increased expression of the genes encoding ET-related proteins (ET-1, 3.2-fold; ETA, 2.9-fold; ETB, 3.5-fold) as well as two of the three NOS isoforms (NOS I, 2.7-fold; NOS III, 4.9-fold) [10].
  • Over a period of 8 weeks, ram lambs were made hypothyroid (serum T4 less than or equal to 3 ng/ml compared with controls congruent to 30 ng/ml) by daily oral administration of methyl thiouracil or hyperthyroid (serum T4 congruent to 135 ng/ml) by daily sc injection of T4 [11].
  • Capillary endothelial cell multiplication in adipose tissue pads on the thyroid during the feeding of thiouracil [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Thiouracil


Biological context of Thiouracil


Anatomical context of Thiouracil


Associations of Thiouracil with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Thiouracil


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Thiouracil


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