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Human monocyte chemotactic protein-2: cDNA cloning and regulated expression of mRNA in mesenchymal cells.

Stimulated MG-63 osteosarcoma cells have been used as a source to purify and identify the monocyte chemokines MCP-1, MCP-2 and MCP-3. In comparison with MCP-1, the production yields of MCP-2 and MCP-3 in these cells are rather low and variable. Although the protein sequence of human MCP-2 is identified, its DNA sequence remains elusive. A degenerate primer set was used to isolate an MCP-2 gene fragment from the chemokine YAC contig on human chromosome 17. Based on the gene sequence of MCP-2, a unique primer set was synthesized and used to screen cDNA libraries for the presence of MCP-2 transcripts by PCR. The complete MCP-2 cDNA was cloned from a human bone marrow cDNA library and sequenced. The cDNA-derived protein sequence was identical to that of purified natural MCP-2, except for Gln46 which replaced Lys46. There seem thus to exist two MCP-2 allelic variants because at position 46 the codons of two residues (Lys46 and Gln46) were detected in individual genomes. As shown by Northern hybridization, the MCP-2 steady-state mRNA levels in normal diploid fibroblasts were increased by IL-1 beta, IFN-gamma and the double-stranded RNA poly rI:rC. RT-PCR analysis showed induction of MCP-2 mRNA in MG-63 cells by IFN-gamma and IL-1 beta. The regulated production of MCP-2 by tumor cells and normal mesenchymal cells is indicative of a role in neoplasia and inflammatory host responses.[1]


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