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Chemical Compound Review

Olpadronate     (3-dimethylamino-1-hydroxy-1- phosphono...

Synonyms: Me2-APD, CHEMBL55812, LS-186873, LS-187528, FT-0673282, ...
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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Me2-APD

  • We showed that 3,3-dimethylaminopropane-1-hydroxy-1,1-diphosphonic acid (olpadronate) was the most effective bisphosphonate treatment in reducing tumor burden as assessed by GFP imaging and radiography [3].
  • We addressed these issues in a longitudinal study of 157 patients with biochemically active disease (serum alkaline phosphatase activity >120 U/L) treated with the bisphosphonate olpadronate and followed for a median period of 37 months (range 3-162, mean 46 +/- 30) [15].
  • We treated three boys with severe OI type III and vertebral deformities for 5-7 years with continuous oral administration of the bisphosphonate, olpadronate [16].
  • Effect of topical administration of monosodium olpadronate on experimental periodontitis in rats [17].
  • None of the patients treated with local radiotherapy, only 4% of patients receiving 89Sr and 21% of patients given olpadronate developed this complication [9].


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