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Chemical Compound Review

Strontium-89     strontium

Synonyms: AC1NTUP8, Sr 89, 14158-27-1, 20672-06-4, 31083-24-6, ...
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  • The contribution of specific activity to the effects of the bone-seeking isotope, strontium 89 on radiosensitive components of mononuclear phagocyte populations was investigated in mice [19].
  • Platelets and leukocytes fell by an average 30-40% after strontium-89 but sequelae were uncommon, and other symptoms rare [20].
  • In severely monocytopenic mice induced by the administration of strontium-89, Kupffer cells have a proliferative capacity and are maintained by self-renewal [21].
  • B lymphocyte differentiation in lethally irradiated and reconstituted mice. I. The effect of Strontium-89 induced bone marrow aplasia on the recovery of the B cell compartment in the spleen [22].

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