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Chemical Compound Review

Phenyllactate     2-hydroxy-3-phenyl-propanoic acid

Synonyms: SureCN57558, P7251_ALDRICH, AGN-PC-00GTAM, NSC-2627, AG-E-04664, ...
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Biological context of C05607

  • In contrast, isoenzyme iLDH-II exhibited broad substrate specificity (lactate, phenyllactate, and 4-hydroxyphenyllactate), but was stereospecific for the L-isomers [10].
  • The conformation of this molecule is compared with that of an analogous compound O-[3-(2,2,5,5-tetramethylpyrrolinyl-1-oxyl)-propen-2-oyl]-L- beta- phenyllactate, which has been employed as a spectroscopic substrate probe of carboxypeptidase A (L. C. Kuo, J. M. Fukuyama, and M. W. Makinen (1983) Journal of Molecular Biology 163, 63-105) [11].

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