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Chemical Compound Review

Hexylamine     hexan-1-amine

Synonyms: hexanamine, hexyl-amine, n-Hexylamine, NSC-2590, ACMC-1BZED, ...
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High impact information on n-Hexylamine


Anatomical context of n-Hexylamine


Associations of n-Hexylamine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of n-Hexylamine

  • The chromatographic separation was achieved with an aqueous solution containing hexylamine (pH 3)-acetonitrile as the mobile phase, a Spherisorb C18 column and UV detection at 220 nm [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of n-Hexylamine

  • The critical factor of the HPLC method is the use of a basic amine, like n-hexylamine, as a solvent additive to facilitate the elution of HALS additives [14].
  • The immobilization procedure consists of grafting an epoxysilane onto microelectronic grade Si/SiO(2) substrates, and coupling oligonucleotides bearing a hexylamine linker onto the epoxy moiety [15].


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