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Chemical Compound Review

Ribastamin     5-amino-2-(aminomethyl)-6- [4,6-diamino-2...

Synonyms: Xylostacin, Xylostasin, AG-J-89622, SureCN4318426, CCG-102472, ...
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Disease relevance of ribostamycin


High impact information on ribostamycin


Chemical compound and disease context of ribostamycin


Biological context of ribostamycin

  • The RSM resistance gene showed no homology to plasmid pSF733 of S. ribosidificus SF733, but hybridized to PstI or BclI digested total DNA of S. ribosidificus SF733 [12].
  • Glycosylation at the 5 position with various pentofuranose derivatives yielded after deprotection of the 6a approximately i ribostamycin related aminoglycoside [13].

Anatomical context of ribostamycin


Associations of ribostamycin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of ribostamycin

  • The binding affinity of ribostamycin to purified bovine PDI was determined by the Biacore system, which gave a K(D) value of 3.19 x 10(-4) M [20].
  • When a dose of 40 mg/kg per day was administered intramuscularly to Fischer rats for 14 days, ribostamycin caused little change of parameters in urine volume, urine osmolality, urine protein, maltase and beta 2-microglobulin [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ribostamycin


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