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Chemical Compound Review

EAC     ethyl 3-oxobutanoate

Synonyms: diacetic ether, AGN-PC-009QAJ, CHEMBL169176, HSDB 402, NSC-8657, ...
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Disease relevance of ethyl acetoacetate

  • Proteinaceous casts were found in the bladder of approximately half the male rats given 1000 mg ethyl acetoacetate/kg, and nephrocalcinosis was a common occurrence in female rats in this dose group [1].
  • Ethyl acetoacetate encapsulated in gum arabic was administered in rodent diet for a minimum of 28 consecutive days to groups of 16 male and 16 female rats (Sprague-Dawley strain) at levels of approximately 100, 300 and 1000 mg/kg body weight/day [1].
  • This was demonstrated by reducing ethyl acetoacetate with whole cells of an E. coli strain that overexpressed an NADPH-dependent, short-chain dehydrogenase from baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) [2].

Psychiatry related information on ethyl acetoacetate

  • Following complete sensory deprivation or long-term stimulation with ethyl acetoacetate, the mean diameter of glomeruli was significantly reduced everywhere, except in the ventrolateral and ventromedial regions of the posterior olfactory bulb in rats reared with a single odor [3].

High impact information on ethyl acetoacetate


Biological context of ethyl acetoacetate

  • 3-Phenylpyrazolo[4,3-b]pyridines were synthesized via a cyclization of 4-amino-3-phenylpyrazoles 11-13 with ethyl acetoacetate [9].
  • The administration of ethyl acetoacetate in the diet did not adversely affect the growth or general health of the animals or their food intakes [1].
  • A synthetic route for A-ring aromatic steroid intermediates starting from alkylation of dianion derived from acetoacetic ester with m-methoxyphenylethyl bromide to form benzene ring connected to a linear six-carbon fragment is described [10].

Associations of ethyl acetoacetate with other chemical compounds


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