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Chemical Compound Review

Gabitril     (3R)-1-[4,4-bis(3- methylthiophen-2-yl)but...

Synonyms: Tiabex, TIAGABINE HCl, CHEMBL1695, Abbott-70569, ABT-569, ...
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Disease relevance of tiagabine

  • Loss of consciousness did not occur reliably after H [1].
  • One patient with unstable angina was excluded from the study because of hypotension and facial flushing after a 6-mg test dose of H [1].
  • After the administration of 5 mg/kg of H or 30 mg/kg of M to the restrained rat, a marked hypothermia was observed which reached a maximum mean depth of 3.1 and 4.5 degrees C below the baseline Tc, respectively [2].

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Biological context of tiagabine

  • The affinity, capacity, and kinetics of colesevelam HCl binding for GCDC, TDC, and GC were not significantly altered after suspension in water, carbonated water, Coca-Cola(R), Sprite(R), grape juice, orange juice, tomato juice, or Gatorade(R) [8].
  • Although the factor of restraint itself did not alter the rat's Tc, it did dramatically alter the action of M and H on the body temperature of the rat [2].

Anatomical context of tiagabine

  • Injections of 6 and 50 micrograms H into cerebellum and bulbar reticular formation elicited weaker CTA while neocortical, hypothalamic and mesencephalic applications were ineffective [9].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of tiagabine

  • An inverse relationship was evident between the degree of dissociation of H from the three salts, at pH 7.3 and their durations of analgesia in vivo [10].


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