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Chemical Compound Review

NADH     [[5-(3-aminocarbonyl-4H- pyridin-1-yl)-3,4...

Synonyms: ENADA, NFDH, beta-DPNH, beta-NADH, b-NADH, ...
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High impact information on diphosphopyridine nucleotide reduced


Anatomical context of diphosphopyridine nucleotide reduced


Gene context of diphosphopyridine nucleotide reduced

  • The mean value of kidney XDH activity was 85.41 +/- 13.81 and 46.35 +/- 6.71 mmoles NAD reduced per milligram acetone powder per hour, respectively, for the HUA and LUA lines [10].
  • By using a histochemical procedure, the distribution of neurons containing dihydronicotinamide adenine dinucleotide diaphorase (NADPHd) was examined in the brain, retina and olfactory epithelium of the urodele amphibian Triturus carnifex [7].
  • We show both photometrically by NADH+H+ oxidation and by HPLC product analysis that this enantiomer is rapidly reduced by NADH+H+ catalyzed by porcine heart lipoamide dehydrogenase/diaphorase [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of diphosphopyridine nucleotide reduced


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