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Gene Review

PREB  -  prolactin regulatory element binding

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Mammalian guanine nucleotide exchange factor mSec12, Prolactin regulatory element-binding protein, SEC12
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Disease relevance of PREB


Psychiatry related information on PREB

  • We propose that PREB has a role during human development and that abnormal dosage of this transcription factor may be involved in some of the developmental abnormalities observed in patients with partial trisomy 2p [2].

High impact information on PREB

  • We suggest that Sec12p participates actively in the growth of COPII vesicles by charging new Sar1p-GTP molecules that insert at the boundary between a bud and the surrounding endoplasmic reticulum membrane [3].
  • In order to recapitulate a more authentic, GTP-dependent budding event, we introduced the Sar1p nucleotide exchange catalyst, Sec12p, and evaluated the dynamics of coat assembly and disassembly by light scattering and tryptophan fluorescence measurements [3].
  • By contrast, specific inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum export via overexpression of Sec12p or coexpression of a GTP-restricted form of Sar1p inhibits the anterograde transport of either cargo molecule in a similar manner [4].
  • However, three different rodent non-pituitary cell lines yielded a common shifted band, corresponding to a DNA sequence-specific PRE-binding protein (PREB) [5].
  • That PREB and ssPREB are distinct proteins was confirmed by the inability of their DNA binding sites to cross-compete binding of the proteins [5].

Biological context of PREB


Anatomical context of PREB


Associations of PREB with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of PREB


Other interactions of PREB

  • In the INS-1 cells, co-expression of PREB and the insulin promoter induced activity of the latter [6].


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