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Gene Review

GDF11  -  growth differentiation factor 11

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BMP-11, BMP11, Bone morphogenetic protein 11, GDF-11, Growth/differentiation factor 11
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High impact information on GDF11


Biological context of GDF11

  • During mouse embryogenesis, BMP-11 is first detected at 9.5 dpc in the tail bud with expression becoming stronger as development proceeds [3].
  • These results demonstrate that Gdf11 has an important function in determining Hox gene expression domains and RC identity in the caudal spinal cord [1].

Anatomical context of GDF11

  • BMP-11 is also expressed in the developing nervous system, in the dorsal root ganglia, and dorsal lateral region of the spinal cord [3].
  • At 10.0 dpc, BMP-11 is expressed in the distal and posterior region of the limb bud and later localizes to the mesenchyme between the skeletal elements [3].
  • BMP-11 induced axial mesodermal tissue (muscle and notochord) in a dose-dependent fashion [3].
  • We examined whether growth/differentiation factor 11 (GDF11), a morphogen could enhance the healing potential of pulp tissue to induce differentiation of pulp stem cells into odontoblasts by electroporation-mediated gene delivery [2].


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