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Gene Review

NRM  -  nurim (nuclear envelope membrane protein)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: NRM29, Nuclear envelope membrane protein, Nuclear rim protein, Nurim, UNQ555/PRO1112
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Disease relevance of NRM

  • By reason for referral, these were: multiple congenital abnormalities and/or developmental delay (MCA/DD): 26 (42%); gonadal dysfunction: 22 (35%); phenotypically normal with or without recurrent miscarriage (NRM): 9 (15%); recognized X-linked syndrome: 5 (8%) [1].
  • Kaplan-Meier estimates of survival based on relapse and NRM were significantly worse for patients with severe mucositis [2].
  • Persistent TP, which was strongly associated with severe acute GVHD (P<0.001), exhibited the worst 2-year OS (P<0.0001) and highest NRM (P<0.0001) and opportunistic infection rates (P<0.0001) [3].
  • All RM showed lymphedema and none of the NRM did [4].
  • Moreover, an increased OS was associated with the NK cell dose (P = .007) and chronic graft-versus-host disease (P = .009), whereas a decreased NRM was associated with the NK dose (P = .024) [5].

High impact information on NRM

  • The strongest predictor of nonrelapse mortality and overall survival was the absolute lymphocyte count (ALC) at 30 days; patients with ALC<0.35 x 10(9)/l having an NRM and OS of 59.2 and 24.7%, compared to 10 and 90% in those with a higher ALC [6].
  • The periaqueductal grey, the raphe nuclei (NRM and DRN) and the locus coeruleus are all key brainstem sites for the control of nociceptive transmission in the spinal cord [7].
  • AIM: This prospective study compared resorbable citric acid ester softened polylactic acid membranes (RM) and non-resorbable expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) barriers (NRM) in GTR treatment of intrabony defects [8].
  • IL-10 mRNA expression and protein production were induced in PBMC from two of three RM and in cells from five of six NRM [4].
  • A marked increase in the frequency of IL-2R+ T cells was observed in antigen-stimulated PBMC cultures of RM but not in those of NRM [4].

Biological context of NRM


Anatomical context of NRM

  • In conclusion, in a PBSCT setting, a higher transplant dose of NK and Tc cells accelerated neutrophil engraftment, improved the immune reconstitution, and decreased NRM, thereby increasing OS after allogeneic PBSCT [5].
  • Reaction of this enzyme in the neuropil varies from strong (NNH, NPH, VSP, VM, VS, VL, OLS, NI, NRM), over moderate (reticular nuclei, NS, TSN), mild (NA, NRL) to absent (AP) [10].


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