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Gene Review

lys  -  lysis protein

Enterobacteria phage MS2

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Disease relevance of MS2g3


High impact information on MS2g3

  • Overlapping genes in RNA phage: a new protein implicated in lysis [3].
  • The mutations, which are clustered ahead of the overlapping lysis cistron, do not change the amino acid sequence of the coat protein, but they disrupt a local hairpin, which is needed to control translation of the lysis gene [4].
  • We assume that the ribosome, terminating at the coat reading frame, covers part of the lysis hairpin, thereby destabilizing the secondary structure [5].
  • Activation of the L gene is suppressed when the stability of the lysis initiator hairpin is increased by mutations that create additional base-pairs [5].
  • Deletions or point mutations that are predicted to destabilize the hairpin give rise to lysis protein synthesis that is independent of coat gene translation [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of MS2g3


Biological context of MS2g3


Anatomical context of MS2g3


Associations of MS2g3 with chemical compounds

  • After extensive separation of the membranes by isopycnic sucrose gradient centrifugation, the lysis protein was present predominantly in the cytoplasmic membrane and in a fraction of intermediate density and, to a lesser degree, in the outer membrane, irrespective of the conditions of growth [10].
  • No change in the capacity of the binding proteins to bind 14C-labelled penicillin G was observed in the presence of the MS2 lysis gene product [7].


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