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Genes, Overlapping

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  • Data obtained from genomic and cDNA sequencing and from a combination of S1 mapping and primer extension experiments indicated a very unusual organization of this locus, which appeared to be composed of two partially overlapping genes, designated janA and janB [24].
  • A CTCF-dependent silencer located in the differentially methylated area may regulate expression of a housekeeping gene overlapping a tissue-specific gene domain [25].
  • We have now identified a third pair of duplicated overlapping genes in this locus, termed YA and YB, whose transcriptional orientation is the same as 21A and 21B and opposite to XA and XB [26].
  • We now present the results demonstrating that in a pair of T4 overlapping genes, 30.3 and 30.3', the smaller gene, 30.3', is entirely enclosed within the other by one position downstream [27].
  • Analysis of the 5' region of PMS2 reveals heterogeneous transcripts and a novel overlapping gene [28].


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