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Gene Review

Hbb-b2  -  hemoglobin, beta adult minor chain

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI036344, Beta-2-globin, Hbb2, Hbbt2, Hemoglobin beta-2 chain, ...
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Disease relevance of Hbb-b2


High impact information on Hbb-b2

  • Here we report a 16-kb deletion that includes both adult beta-like globin genes, beta maj and beta min, in mouse embryonic stem cells [3].
  • The marked beta-major gene can be tracked at the level of DNA, RNA, and protein, allowing investigation of the impact of a retained phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK)-neo cassette located between the mutant beta-major and beta-minor globin genes on expression of these 2 neighboring genes [4].
  • Lack of neighborhood effects from a transcriptionally active phosphoglycerate kinase-neo cassette located between the murine beta-major and beta-minor globin genes [4].
  • A 1-year follow-up of 12 treated animals showed a stable correction of anemia associated with improved RBC morphology, increased beta-minor globin synthesis, and decreased amounts of alpha-globin chains bound to erythrocyte membranes [5].
  • This study indicates that the continuous delivery of high amounts of autologous erythropoietin induced a sustained stimulation of beta-minor globin synthesis and a stable improvement of erythropoiesis in the beta-thalassemic mouse model [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hbb-b2


Biological context of Hbb-b2

  • In Hbb-b1 cDNA, six base substitutions were found between the d and w1 haplotypes and also between p and w1, but none existed between d and p. In Hbb-b2 cDNA, three base substitutions were found between the d and w1 haplotypes and also between d and p, but none between p and w1 [8].
  • beta-Minor globin gene expression is preferentially reduced in EKLF Knock-Out mice [9].
  • Transfected intact mouse alpha 1-globin genes generate transcripts, whereas beta maj and beta min globin transcripts are detected only if the genes are associated with a strong exogenous (SV40) enhancer sequence [2].
  • In normal mice, dysregulated Epo production induced elevated serum Epo levels (176 +/- 68 mU/mL), high hematocrit levels (73% +/- 8%), and elevated beta-minor globin chain synthesis [10].
  • Transcription from the beta major and beta minor globin genes was measured separately by hybridization to cloned DNA sequences from a region of the second intron which is highly divergent in the two genes [11].

Anatomical context of Hbb-b2


Associations of Hbb-b2 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of Hbb-b2


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