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Gene Review

Lmnb2  -  lamin B2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Lamin-B2, lamin B3
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High impact information on Lmnb2


Biological context of Lmnb2

  • Concomitantly, although nuclear import of the mutant lamin B2 proteins was preserved, their association with the inner nuclear membrane was severely impaired [2].
  • Furthermore, these Ku-deficient cells had a 4.5-, 3.4- and 4.3-fold decrease in nascent strand DNA abundance at the lamin B2, beta-globin and c-myc replication origins, respectively [4].
  • We have previously shown that a cell cycle-dependent nucleoprotein complex assembles in vivo on a 74 bp sequence within the human DNA replication origin associated to the Lamin B2 gene [5].
  • The VNTR is adjacent to exon 8 of the lamin B2 gene which, albeit encoding the nuclear localization signal of the protein, is highly divergent both at amino acid and nucleotide level among species [6].

Anatomical context of Lmnb2

  • RT-PCR experiments carried out on HeLa cell RNA suggest that none of the downstream junctions is used during the processing of the lamin B2 pre-mRNA [6].

Regulatory relationships of Lmnb2

  • Lamin B2 is coexpressed with lamin B1 (formerly termed lamin B) in all somatic cells and mammalian species that we analysed, including a variety of cells currently believed to contain only a single lamin [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lmnb2


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