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Gene Review

EMP3  -  epithelial membrane protein 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: EMP-3, Epithelial membrane protein 3, HNMP-1, Hematopoietic neural membrane protein 1, Protein YMP, ...
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Disease relevance of EMP3


High impact information on EMP3


Biological context of EMP3


Anatomical context of EMP3

  • The levels of EMP-3 transcripts are highest in peripheral blood leukocytes, ovary, intestine and various embryonic tissues [6].
  • In the fiber tracts of the spinal cord and in sciatic nerve, HNMP-1 protein is axon-associated [3].

Other interactions of EMP3


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of EMP3

  • We first investigated the transcript level of EMP3 in a cohort of 57 OTs by quantitative real-time RT-PCR [5].


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