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Gene Review

EMP2  -  epithelial membrane protein 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: EMP-2, Epithelial membrane protein 2, NPHS10, Protein XMP, XMP
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Disease relevance of EMP2


High impact information on EMP2

  • In one strain of parasite there was a significant difference in relative mobility of the 125I-surface-labeled Pf EMP 1 and the biosynthetically labeled Pf EMP 2, further distinguishing these proteins [5].
  • The mAbs did not react with the surface of intact infected erythrocytes, nor was Pf EMP 2 accessible to exogenous proteases or lactoperoxidase-catalyzed radioiodination of intact cells [5].
  • Transport of an Mr approximately 300,000 Plasmodium falciparum protein (Pf EMP 2) from the intraerythrocytic asexual parasite to the cytoplasmic face of the host cell membrane [5].
  • Despite the recessive emp2 phenotype, steady state levels of emp2 transcripts were abundant in mutant kernels, and the predicted coding region was unaffected [6].
  • Furthermore, the developmental retardation of emp2 mutant kernels before the HSR suggests an additional role for EMP2 during embryo development distinct from the HSR [6].

Biological context of EMP2


Anatomical context of EMP2


Associations of EMP2 with chemical compounds

  • The interaction between EMP-2 and P2X(7) was confirmed biochemically by co-immunoprecipitation, co-purification, and glutathione S-transferase pull-down assays, and this interaction was entirely dependent on the C-terminal domain of P2X(7) [7].
  • In other cell types, EMP2 controls delivery of certain classes of proteins to the cell surface, including various integrin isoforms (a class of receptors implicated in endometrial-blastocyst interaction) [10].

Other interactions of EMP2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of EMP2

  • A multivariate analysis of disease-free survival demonstrated independent, negative prognostic significance for EMP2 expression, high stage, and high-risk histologic subtypes [2].
  • Cloning and sequence analyses revealed that the emp2 gene encoded a predicted protein with high similarity to HEAT SHOCK BINDING PROTEIN1, which was first described in animals as a negative regulator of the HSR. emp2 is a loss-of-function mutation of an HSR-negative regulator in plants [6].


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