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Gene Review

byr1  -  MAP kinase kinase Byr1

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

Synonyms: ste1, ste3
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Disease relevance of byr1

  • Furthermore, we have found that byr1 is allelic to ste1, one of at least 10 genes which when mutated can cause sterility [1].

High impact information on byr1


Biological context of byr1

  • These observations provide a molecular basis for the role of the ste gene family, including ras1 and byr1, in meiosis and indicate that further characterization of other ste genes would be very useful for elucidating the mechanism of ras1 function in fission yeast cells [1].
  • Both two dominant mutants bypassed the inability to make spores in ras1 deficient diploid cells, suppressed the deficiency to execute sporulation in byr2 deficient diploid cells, but failed to suppress the byr1 deficiency [6].
  • No sexual activities were detected in ste11 strains (previously referred to as aff1 or steX, which we show are allelic), whilst the production of M factor was unaffected by ste1 to ste10 mutations [7].
  • We present evidence that ste 1.1 is defective in the production of a non-diffusible and non-mating-type specific factor. ste 1 and cdc 25 both map on chromosome I and are loosely linked [8].

Other interactions of byr1

  • Several physiological similarities between strains containing null alleles of these genes supports the idea that ras1 and byr1 are functionally closely related [1].


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