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Gene Review

Cdk4  -  Cyclin-dependent kinase 4

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 8-6, CDK4, CDK4/6, CG5072, Cdk4/6, ...
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Disease relevance of Cdk4


High impact information on Cdk4

  • The Drosophila melanogaster cyclin-dependent protein kinase complex CycD/Cdk4 stimulates both cell cycle progression and cell growth (accumulation of mass) [2].
  • The Drosophila mitochondrial ribosomal protein mRpL12 is required for Cyclin D/Cdk4-driven growth [2].
  • Our results indicate, therefore, that progression into and through the cell cycle can occur in the absence of Cdk4 [3].
  • These results suggest that the ability of Cyclin D/Cdk4 to drive growth in the proliferating wing cells is distinct from that in the none-dividing eye cells or the ability of activated Ras to induce growth, and that RBF may have a role in regulating growth in the proliferating wing discs [4].
  • Therefore, we have analyzed whether the developmentally controlled inactivation of Cyclin E-Cdk2 required for the epidermal cell proliferation arrest occurs as a consequence of Cyclin D-Cdk4 inactivation [5].

Biological context of Cdk4


Anatomical context of Cdk4

  • Cells homozygous mutant for mRpL12 have reduced mitochondrial activity, and exhibit growth defects that are very similar to those of cdk4 null cells [2].

Other interactions of Cdk4

  • In DROSOPHILA:, single genes for Cyclin D and Cdk4 have been identified, simplifying genetic analysis [3].
  • However, the growth of cells and of the organism is reduced in Cdk4 mutants, indicating a role of D-type cyclin-dependent protein kinases in the modulation of growth rates [3].
  • Epistasis analysis places Hph downstream of CycD/Cdk4 [9].
  • These results demonstrate a new function for Cdk4 and a new mode of STAT activation [8].
  • Specific genetic interactions between Cdk4 and hop mutations suggest that Cdk4 functions downstream of the HOP tyrosine kinase [10].


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