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Gene Review

CycD  -  Cyclin D

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CDI3, CG9096, CYCD, Cdi3, Cyc D, ...
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Disease relevance of CycD


High impact information on CycD


Biological context of CycD


Other interactions of CycD

  • Our data suggest that Hph, in addition to its function in hypoxic response, is a regulator of cellular growth and that it is a key mediator for CycD/Cdk4 [8].
  • A breath of fresh air for cyclin D/Cdk4: triggering growth via Hph [2].
  • Drosophila cyclin D/Cdk4 requires Hif-1 prolyl hydroxylase to drive cell growth [8].
  • Here we describe phenotypic consequences of null mutations in Cyclin D, the single D-type cyclin gene in Drosophila [9].
  • Studies of tumor cells show that the p16(ink4a)/cdk4/cyclin D/pRB pathway is mutated in most forms of cancer, suggesting that the deregulation of E2F, and hence the cell cycle, is a common event in tumorigenesis [10].


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