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Gene Review

RhoGEF2  -  Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor 2

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG9635, DRhoGEF, DRhoGEF2, Dmel\CG9635, DrhoGEF2, ...
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Disease relevance of RhoGEF2

  • In embryos from RhoGEF2 or dia germline clones, furrow canals do not form at all or are considerably enlarged and contain cytoplasmic blebs [1].

High impact information on RhoGEF2

  • The Rho GTPase and a putative RhoGEF mediate a signaling pathway for the cell shape changes in Drosophila gastrulation [2].
  • Evidence is also presented that DRhoGEF2 mediates these specific cell shape changes in response to the extracellular ligand, Fog [2].
  • In a genetic screen for Rho signaling pathway components in Drosophila, we identified a gene, DRhoGEF2, that encodes a predicted Rho-specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor [2].
  • In addition to its previously identified role involving RhoGEF-1 in migrating cells and growth cones, our data indicate that UNC-73 signals through RhoGEF-2 to regulate pharynx and vulva musculature and to modulate synaptic neurotransmission [3].
  • DRhoGEF2 encodes a member of the Dbl family of oncogenes and controls cell shape changes during gastrulation in Drosophila [4].

Biological context of RhoGEF2


Anatomical context of RhoGEF2


Regulatory relationships of RhoGEF2

  • Further, RhoGEF2 also regulates ordered actin localization during ventral furrow formation, whereas its activator, Cta, does not [11].

Other interactions of RhoGEF2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RhoGEF2

  • DRhoGEF2 exerts its effects in gastrulation through the regulation of Myosin II to orchestrate coordinated apical cell constriction [14].


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