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Gene Review

ASL1  -  argininosuccinate lyase

Gallus gallus

Synonyms: ASL, CRYD1
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High impact information on LOC396498


Biological context of LOC396498


Anatomical context of LOC396498


Associations of LOC396498 with chemical compounds

  • Published evidence indicates that the chick delta 1 crystallin gene encodes the major structural protein of embryonic lens fibres, whereas the closely related delta 2 gene may encode the urea-cycle enzyme argininosuccinate lyase (ASL) [12].
  • These data confirm the roles of histidine in the catalytic process of this enzyme-crystallin and suggest that the change of His91 to Gln91 observed in the duck and chicken delta 1-crystallin molecules may be sufficient to account for the lack of enzymatic activity of those proteins [13].
  • His91, His110, His162 and His178, were converted to asparagine residues in an effort to define the role of histidines in the catalytic process of this enzyme-crystallin and to explain the lack of enzyme activity in the delta 1-crystallin protein [13].

Other interactions of LOC396498

  • This accumulation of delta-crystallin RNA during lens induction operates selectively on the delta 1-crystallin transcripts whereas delta 2-crystallin/argininsosuccinate lyase RNA is detectable at lower levels in all developing ocular tissues throughout this period [14].
  • A nuclear factor delta EF1, which binds to the essential element of the delta 1-crystallin enhancer core, was molecularly cloned from the chicken by a southwestern method [15].
  • A 77-nucleotide DNA segment of the delta 1-crystallin promoter from nucleotide positions-120 to -43 confers sensitivity to insulin and IGF-I [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LOC396498


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