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Gene Review

EPOR  -  erythropoietin receptor

Sus scrofa

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High impact information on EPOR


Biological context of EPOR


Anatomical context of EPOR

  • Accordingly, this study determines expression of EPO and EPOR in the inner ear of the guinea pig [4].
  • The testes were found to express significant amounts of EPOR [5].
  • Later in foetal life, the spleen has the greatest expression of EPOR, whereas at 2 weeks after birth, the main expression of EPOR is found in the bone marrow [5].
  • Expression of the EPO receptor was found in the cytoplasm of the inner and outer phalangeal cells (Deiters' cells), as well as the inner sulcus cells and the supporting cells of the organ of Corti (Hensen, Claudius and some Boettcher cells) [4].
  • We conclude, that EPO is expressed by spiral ganglion neurons and that the EPO receptor is widely expressed by several cell types within the guinea pig cochlea [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of EPOR


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