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Gene Review

usp  -  uropathogenic specific protein

Escherichia coli UTI89

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Disease relevance of usp


High impact information on usp

  • Stepwise multivariate analysis identified pap, malX, usp, fyuA, and B2 (all of which were positive predictors) and ireA (which was a negative predictor) as significant predictors of killer status [4].
  • This study describes the epidemiological association of 3 putative genes for virulence of uropathogenic Escherichia coli; uropathogenic specific protein (usp), a Vibrio cholerae zot gene homologue; IrgA homologue adhesin (iha), a nonhemagglutinating adhesin; and iroN(E. coli), a catechole siderophore receptor homologue [1].
  • We report on hitherto unknown functions of these genes linked to motility, adhesion, and oxidative stress resistance, and we show that usp functions are both overlapping and distinct [5].
  • We have observed that the island includes a gene consisting of a protein designated uropathogenic specific protein (usp) and 3 small open reading frames (orfU1-3) [2].
  • Upstream and downstream analysis of usp revealed motifs of prokaryotic consensus promoters and three small ORFs with SDs and ribosome binding sites transcribed in the same direction of usp [6].

Biological context of usp


Anatomical context of usp

  • The uropathogenic specific protein gene (usp ) is preferentially distributed in UPEC isolates from dogs and cats compared with the distribution of usp in E. coli strains from feces of healthy dogs and cats and this pattern of distribution resembles that observed in human UPEC strains [7].

Other interactions of usp

  • However, the PapG II adhesin (papG II) gene is significantly decreased and the usp gene is increased with borderline significance in EPN E coli strains [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of usp

  • This indicates that rearrangements occur frequently in this region and the mosaic arrangement apparently contributes to the size variation observed in the PCR examination of the usp genes and PIs [9].


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