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Epidemiology, Molecular

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  • These results indicate that CYP1A2, CYP1A1, and GSTM1 gene-gene interactions could be important confounders in the interpretation of molecular epidemiology studies [27].
  • Individuals at high risk for primary NSCLC, such as heavy smokers or individuals exposed to occupational carcinogens, could be screened by BAL-analysis for cancer biomarkers of susceptibility like GSTM-1 in large scale molecular epidemiology studies [28].
  • Molecular epidemiology of the plasmid-encoded TEM-1 beta-lactamase in Scotland [29].
  • Moreover, molecular epidemiology composed of incidence of p53 and PTCH mutations, difference in the type of mutation and repair bias of UV-induced DNA lesions might affect the distinct features of BCCs between different racial population [30].
  • In parallel, we have performed a molecular epidemiology study on more than 3000 dried blood spots and established the frequency of the GJB2 variants in our population [31].

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