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Disease relevance of Gammaproteobacteria


High impact information on Gammaproteobacteria

  • Pyruvate-formate lyase is also prominently PHX in enteric gamma-proteobacteria, but not in other prokaryotes [6].
  • Far less is known about the transcriptional regulatory elements in other gamma-proteobacteria with sequenced genomes, so it is of great interest to conduct comparative genomic studies oriented to extracting biologically relevant information about transcriptional regulation in these less studied organisms using the knowledge from E. coli [7].
  • The phylogenetic analysis suggests that both plant-type and bacterial-type PEPCs diverged early during the evolution of plants from a common ancestor, probably the PEPC from gamma-proteobacteria [8].
  • PCR amplification detected benzoyl-CoA reductase genes in the denitrifying isolates belonging to alpha-, beta-, or gamma-Proteobacteria as well as in the sediment samples [9].
  • The method was verified by successfully targeting Bacteriodetes in simple laboratory mixtures of (3)H-labelled DNA extracted from pure cultures of Bacteriodetes and gamma-proteobacteria [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Gammaproteobacteria


Biological context of Gammaproteobacteria


Gene context of Gammaproteobacteria


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gammaproteobacteria


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